Public Opinion

(Politics, Health Policy, Climate)​

ANES 2019 Pilot Study Methodology Report: Climate Change Mitigation Policy Opinion (GW1 & GW2)​. Link

How Misinformation Access Drives Global Vaccine Skepticism. With: Krissy Lunz-Trujilo. Link.

Correlates & Disparities of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy. With: Tim Callaghan et al. LinkR&R at Social Science & Medicine.

Identifying the Prevalence, Correlates, and Policy Consequences of Anti-Vaccine Social Identity." With: Tim Callaghan, Krissy Lunz-Trujilo, & Steven Sylvester. R&R at Politics, Groups, & Identities

Political Communication,  

Political Psychology,

& Voter Behavior

New Directions in Measuring & Modeling Misinformation Endorsement. 

Apolitical Values & Compliance with Government Recommended Prosocial Health Behavior. With: Paul Goren. Link.

COVID-19 is Increasing Support for Universal Vote by Mail. With Josh Jansa.


You Want the Young Americans to Turn Out and Vote? Difficult of Voter Registration in the United States and Its Impact on Young Voters. With: Josh Jansa & Rebekah Herrick.

Science Communication


The Great and Powerful (Dr.) Oz? Alternative Medical Media Consumption & Anti-Vaccine Views in the United States. With Dom Stecula & Ozan Kuru.  

Is Climate Change Changing Minds? Limited Effects of the Physical Environment on Climate Policy Opinion. Link.

Encouraging COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake Through Effective Health Communication. With: Steven Sylvester, Tim Callaghan, & Krissy Lunz-Trujilo. Abstract Accepted at Frontiers in Political Science

Can a COVID-19 Vaccine Live up to Americans' Expectations? A Conjoint Analysis of how Vaccine Characteristics Influence Vaccination Intentions. LinkR&R at Social Science & Medicine