Public Opinion

(Politics, Health Policy, Climate)​

ANES 2019 Pilot Study Methodology Report: Climate Change Mitigation Policy Opinion (GW1 & GW2)​. Link

How Misinformation Access Drives Global Vaccine Skepticism. With: Krissy Lunz-Trujilo. Link. R&R at the International Journal of Public Opinion Research

Identifying the Prevalence, Correlates, and Policy Consequences of Anti-Vaccine Social Identity." With: Tim Callaghan, Krissy Lunz-Trujilo, & Steven Sylvester. R&R at Politics, Groups, & Identities

The Public Health Consequences of Pandemic Fatigue.

Wynes, Seth, Simon Donner, & Matthew Motta. “Understanding the Climate Responsibility Associated with Elections" Revise & Resubmit at One Earth (Cell Press).

Political Psychology

& Voter Behavior


Apolitical Values & Compliance with Government Recommended Prosocial Health Behavior. With: Paul Goren. LinkRevise & Resubmit at the Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, & Parties

COVID-19 is Increasing Support for Universal Vote by Mail. With Josh Jansa.


You Want the Young Americans to Turn Out and Vote? Difficult of Voter Registration in the United States and Its Impact on Young Voters. With: Josh Jansa & Rebekah Herrick.

The Pre-Political Origins & Policy Consequences of Environmental Justice Concern

Partisan Schadenfreude. With: Steven Webster, Adam Glynn.

Political, Science, & Health Communication

The Great and Powerful (Dr.) Oz? Alternative Medical Media Consumption & Anti-Vaccine Views in the United States. With Dom Stecula, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, & Ozan Kuru.  

Is Climate Change Changing Minds? Limited Effects of the Physical Environment on Climate Policy Opinion. Link.

The Effect of Wakefield et al. (1998) on Skepticism about MMR Vaccine Safety in the U.S. With: Dom Stecula.

Using Prospective & Retrospective Responsibility Frames to Combat Partisan Polarization on COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake

Do conditional cooperation and personal health risk assessments influence antibiotic abstention behavior? With: Felicia Robertson, Kristin Lunz-Trujillo, Sverker Jagers, Tim Callaghan, & Steven Sylvester.

How Media Coverage Influences Vaccine Coverage: Assessing the Impact of Politicized COVID-19 Vaccine News on Vaccine Uptake. With: Dom Stecula