Public Opinion

(Politics, Health Policy, Climate)​

ANES 2019 Pilot Study Methodology Report: Climate Change Mitigation Policy Opinion (GW1 & GW2)​. Link

Changing Minds or Changing Samples? Disentangling Micro-Level Stability and Macro-Level Growth in Anthropogenic Climate Change (ACC) Beliefs

The Pervasiveness & Health Policy Consequences of "Medical Folk Wisdom" in the U.S. With: Tim Callaghan

How Misinformation Access Drives Global Vaccine Skepticism. With: Krissy Lunz-Trujilo

Political Communication & 

Political Psychology/Behavior

Issue-based Affective Polarization: the Case of Climate Change. With: Steven Webster & Adam Glynn.

New Directions in Measuring & Modeling Misinformation Endorsement. 

The Ideational Foundations of Symbolic Ideology. With Paul Goren and Brianna Smith. R&R at Advances in Political Psychology.

Political Scientists? A profile of Congressional candidates with STEM backgrounds in 2018. Revise & Resubmit at PS: Political Science & Politics

Science Communication

The Great and Powerful (Dr.) Oz? Alternative Medical Media Consumption & Anti-Vaccine Views in the United States. With Dom Stecula & Ozan Kuru.  

A Call to Arms? The Opinion Dynamics and Policy Implications of Climate Change Concern in the US Military. With: Robert Ralston & Jen Spindel. 

Even Worse Than it Looks? Re-Assessing the Nature and Prevalence of Childhood Vaccine Skepticism in the U.S. With: Tim Callaghan, Krissy Lunz-Trujilo, & Steven Sylvester.

Is Climate Change Changing Minds? Limited Effects of the Physical Environment on Climate Policy Opinion. Link.