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Selected working papers. Please see my CV for a full list of manuscripts in preparation. 

  • Motta, Matt & Kathryn Haglin. Exogenous Increases in Basic Income Provisions Increase Preventative Health-Seeking Behavior: A Quasi-Experimental Study. Link

  • Motta, Matt et al. Quantifying the Prevalence and Determinants of RSV Vaccine Hesitancy in US Adults Aged 60 or Older. Link

  • Motta, Matt. Advancing the Study of Misinformation Correction Through Conjoint Experimentation. Link


  • Motta, Matt, Dominik Stecula, & Asheley Landrum. ``Combating Climate-Induced Health Threats Through Co-Constitutive Risk (CCR) Communication" Link

  • Rosenthal, Aaron, Christina Farhart, & Matt Motta. "Beyond Tuskegee, To Middlesboro: How Perspectives of Policing Shape Vaccine Attitudes for Black Americans."  Link.

  • Xu, Meng Meng, Yuning Liu, Rebecca Robbins, Matt Motta, & Amanda Yarnell. Scientists & social media ‘influencers’: Seeding new approaches to health communication through a creators summit on mental health. 

  • Lunz-Trujillo, Krissy, Alee Lockman, Timothy Callaghan, Matt Motta, & Alva Ferdinand. ``Rugged Individualists? Rural Identity, Collectivism, and Government Attitudes"

  • Signh, Renu, Naoko Matsumura, Toby Heinrich, Yoshi Kobayashi, & Matt Motta. ``WHO, Competing Endorsements, and Vaccination Willingness"

  • Smith, Riley, & Matt Motta. "Registered Report: Randomized Controlled Trial Communication Interventions Promoting Gender Affirming Care."

  • Cologna, Viktoria et al. ``Trust in scientists and their role in society: a global assessment." Revise & Resubmit at Nature Human Behavior

  • Shrestha, Aakriti, Alva Ferdinand, Matt Motta, Krissy Lunz-Trujillo, Alee Lockman, & Timothy Callaghan, "Public Awareness of the Dobbs Decision and Its Impact on Abortion Attitudes."

  • Callaghan, Timothy, Matt Motta, Michael Stein, & Kirby Goidel. "Public Opinion About Off-Label Ozempic Use."

  • Jansa, Joshua, Rebekah Herrick, & Matt Motta. "Race and Registration Roadblocks: A Research Note."

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