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Selected working papers. Please see my CV for a full list of manuscripts in preparation. 

  • Partisan Schadenfreude and the Demand for Candidate Cruelty. With: Steven Webster, Adam Glynn. LinkRevise & Resubmit at Political Psychology. 

  • Advancing the Study of Misinformation Correction Through Conjoint Experimentation. LinkRevise & Resubmit at Communication Research. 

  • Covid-19 Spillover Effects onto General Vaccine Attitudes. With: Kristin Lunz-Trujillo, Jon Green, Alauna Safarpour, David Lazer,  & Jennifer Lin. LinkRevise & Resubmit at Public Opinion Quarterly

  • Beyond Tuskegee, To Middlesboro: How Perspectives of Policing Shape Vaccine Attitudes for Black Americans. With: Aaron Rosenthal, Christina Farhart. Link.

  • Tim Callaghan et al,. ``Public Attitudes, Inequities, & Polarization in the Launch of the 988 Lifeline."

  • Motta, Matthew P., Gabriella Motta, & Dominik Stecula. ``Sick as a Dog? The Prevalence, Correlates, and Health Policy Consequences of Canine Vaccine Hesitancy (CVH)"

  • Motta, Matthew P., Dominik Stecula, & Asheley Landrum. ``Combating Climate-Induced Health Threats Through Co-Constitutive Risk (CCR) Communication"

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